Tired of performance issues? The best performance ROI is hosting tuned for eCommerce not WordPress.

Your shop will work on the existing infrastructure while we copy the information to the new server and you can keep selling.We offer a 100% reliable process of moving your store.

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PrestaShop Server Move

Not all servers are created equal and while your hosting provider may be perfect for a simple blog or a static product presentation page, an online store requires very specific resources in order to work optimally. PrestaShop is a great and very fast e-commerce solution and it would be a shame to have it bottlenecked by bad infrastructure.

If you notice that performance isn’t up to par you can be certain that your visitors will notice this as well and they will very likely go somewhere else if the performance of the site goes from “noticeably slow” to “frustrating”. From our experience that is a very thin line which should be avoided at all costs.

Data backup

After being granted access information, the first step is to create a backup of your entire PrestaShop site.

Transfer to new Host

All the information is transferred to the new hosting provider. This is much more than simply copying the files but don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything.

Performance tweaks

Once the website is on the new server, we’ll make all the configurations and performance tweaks necessary to take advantage of the new infrastructure.

Project handover

After the completion of the previous steps and rigorous testing we will handover the project and you can enjoy the improved performance.

We offer a 100% reliable process of moving your store

Don’t let bad performance ruin your business.

Why choose us for the job!

With over 200 server moves per year, we have developed a very efficient process of moving PrestaShop stores to new and better servers. Just give us the go-ahead and sit back while we do the work.

Having built or transferred thousands of PrestaShop stores over the years we have the experience and know-how to avoid common problems and make the transfer seamlessly:

No Downtime

Your shop will work on the existing infrastructure while we copy the information to the new server and you can keep selling.

Keep all data

All the data will be transferred in its entirety: the database, product, customer and order information.

Great Performance

Once the transfer is complete you and your customers can enjoy increased performance enabled by the new hosting.

Tweaks and adjustments

We are ready to make all the tweaks and adjustments in order for the shop to take advantage of the new servers.
Tired of performance issues?

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