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Improve your shop through our modules

PrestaHeroes is an eCommerce specialist who leads the development community with ‘best in class’ Prestashop localization modules. Choose from our plugins based on your requirements; we are constantly improving our modules, and they will bring significant value to any shop.

Front-end Modules

The Prestashop modules developed by the PrestaHeroes team will allow you to effortlessly customize your online store in appealing ways. Try these and be amazed!

AMP pages

Mobile is another important emphasis for our team. Recognizing the importance of these figures and wanting to deliver the best possible experience for mobile users, Google launched the AMP Project.

SEO improvement modules

Our SEO modules were created exclusively for Prestashop while also following Google’s and other search engines’ best practices. Get ahead in SERP.

 Nothing is impossible
Custom built modules for your business

Our staff is continually working on new modules, just as the internet industry is constantly growing. If you have a suggestion for enhancements and functionality beyond the standard version of Prestashop, it’s highly likely that someone on the Prestaheroes team has considered it or is working on a module that will provide you with that capability in the near future.

You have an idea? We bring it to life!

Develop a module through PrestaHeroes

Top of the line solutions
Marketing modules

Our Google Tag Manager module with Enhanced Ecommerce, which is by far the greatest tool for tracking every transaction, every cent, and every client that visits your store, is essential for every online business. This is really useful information for tailoring your business to the needs of your customers. Simultaneously, it will provide exact data on the efficacy of your marketing activities and assist you in recognizing when anything is wrong, saving you a lot of money that would otherwise be squandered on unproductive ad campaigns.

Top of the line solutions
Privacy and Security Modules

Why is data privacy and security more vital than ever? Data security and privacy are two key components of establishing trust between a company and its customers. Our team’s experience and ability have allowed them to design modules that improve performance, provide security to both the front and back ends, and make the work of shop administrators easier. We are constantly improving the functionality and ordering process, and the modules that result from this process will offer significant value to any store.

Tale a look at our wide range of pre-built modules

Choose the best solution for your shop

Accelerated mobile Pages

Visual Design – We made sure that the AMP version is built on a decent Landing Page Optimisation overview.

System – We use over six small integrated modules to offer you the Full Prestashop Ecommerce Experience.

Customization – We constantly develop the module, but in case you have special requests we’re there to support you with them asap.

Building & Testing – We tested the functionality of our module for over six months, and the result talks for itself.

7x Faster – Improve SEO and your site overall Page Speed – Lower the site Bounce Rate