PrestaShop Private Shop Authorized Clients Only Module

B2B | Distributors | Suppliers | Manufactures | Wholesalers

Benefits for merchants
Merchant can create private shop for wholesale, business to business or professional customers.
Can be used also for authorized customers only and prevent fake, spam accounts.
Benefits for customers
New customers are provided easy navigation to ‘request an account’ while approved customers are promoted to sign in to top.

Signed-in approved customers see your full shopping cart and product prices. They can make orders normally.

Non-signed-in visitors will see your catalog but not prices (optional) or cart process (add to cart/actual cart/etc.). They can request an account by clicking on the module widget, which instructs them to request an account or login.

New account requests are sent via email alert to administrator. Clients receive email notifying them that their account request is being reviewed.

Once the account is approved, an email is sent to customer notifying them they can now order from your shop.

The module provides a front office widget directing potential customers to request an account and for approved clients to sign in.

The widget uses PrestaHeroes ‘hook anywhere’ by ‘device’ logic. This allows you to place info widget anywhere on your shop by device type. It’s cool and provides the flexibility you need with content placement.