Using rich snippets is the most efficient way to attract attention in Google's search results.

Highlight your site in Google Search results

Your user interaction begins with a click, but you need to stand out in the search results of Google to get this click.
Rich snippets that may contain contact information, reviews, stocks, prices or star ratings may disappear if they are not updated to the new requirements of Google.

If you haven’t used Rich Snippets till now, now is the perfect time to get started. Implementation of the snippets will improve the possibility for the customers to select your site from hundreds of other online stores.

What are Rich Snippets?

Rich snippets are parts of structured information that allow you, in addition to your search results, to highlight further information about your products and services.

Star rating from reviews

All your hard work as an example, ensuring the quality of your products and the splendid customer service can be rewarded with the average review scores in the Google search results. The click rate is guaranteed to improve only because the star rating is added to it. This works with the review of the product comment module included in PrestaShop!

Price Information

To highlight your shop, you can add value in your search results, and one of the most precious pieces of data is your product’s price. Displaying this data in combination with availability (In Stock or Pre-Orders Open) may prevent users to search for such information and clicking on competitor websites.

Product Features

Highlight your products most significant or worthwhile characteristics! Having them in mind will add even more important to your search results and assist clients to verify your shop and purchase.
In the rich snippets, more data can be highlighted, like opening times, location and much more. integration

The way your online store’s content is viewed by Google and other search engines may differ from what you see when you look at a specific page. Generic data may obscure valuable information, and this will affect your click-through rates from searches. Structured data is the answer. Organizing your data while adhering to a structure will make finding, interpreting and displaying it in creative ways easier for search engines. is a cooperative effort to develop, promote and maintain structured information schemes on the Internet. There is also significant community involvement, supported in four of the biggest search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex).

As well as facilitating the correct categorization and indexing of the material on your website by Google and other search engines, integration shows wealthy search outcomes.

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