Get detailed reports about customer behavior, online store visitors and the top keywords for your site.

Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics Implementation

It is actually the best available instrument and offers everybody who owns and manages an online shop the most significant resource: INFORMATION.

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Why Google Analytics?

In addition to comprehensive customer activities reports on your website, Analytics will also permit customer tracking on your website in actual time.

When you have an advertising campaign it is important to monitor it closely through Google Analytics. We can assist you to set the objectives so that you can analyze the advantages. This data is of great importance in order to make any future campaign more efficient and return on investments.

Google Search Console / Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools or Search Console, are often ignored, but just as important as Google Analytics, so we will ensure that it is also integrated. While Analytics will provide data about visitors and customers of your website, the search console will highlight all the mistakes that can be easily resolved before seriously affecting the rankings. You can also view comprehensive keyword reports and adapt the content on your website.

If it gets worse and your website receives a penalty from Google for whatever reason, you can respond rapidly and take steps to solve the situation instead of just watching how the number of visitors decreases in the Analytics report without any explanation.

We will also set up your Google Sitemap in addition to setting up the two above-mentioned instruments.

Use these precious instruments to enhance your business!