Just some of the eCommerce Services we rock at


eCommerce Upgrades

When we say upgrade, we include the “whole enchilada”. Not only will your shop have the latest features but a new modern best in class visitors experience. We have proven process that exceeds client expectations and give your competitive edge in your product vertical.

eCommerce Speed Optimization

Loading Time has a massive effect on your Bottom Line. Our Page Speed Optimization Service will help you increase your conversion rate and your rankings in Google Search Engines while at same time improving above the fold visitor experience.

eCommerce Marketing

Not only can we build a re(marketing) strategy for your product vertical we can integrate the shop measuring tools in-house. No need for separate marketing and then a technical company to integrate the changes required to manage and measure your campaign.

Full Spectrum eCommerce Solutions Provider


We are often tasked with “custom” work that doesn’t fit exactly into the PrestaShop Services listed above. Our motto: “Nothing is impossible”. Years of experience with PrestaShop and hundreds upon hundreds of completed projects contributed to our know-how and formation as a team of real PrestaHeroes.

Partner with us and be a hero at your company.

PrestaHeroes specializes in providing fully managed eCommerce systems. You sell and we work to help you grow your business by offering experienced best in class solutions and day to day help in running your online business. Partner with us and find out how good it can really be when you have team with expertise in all the many facets of running an online business.

Take your business to the next level with an agency that can provide valuable feedback on how to grow your business and the in-house implement that solution and measure it’s success.

We would love opportunity to win your assurance by contacting us today!

Migration Services

Prestashop is a quick, secure, and infinitely configurable e-commerce platform that can help you take your online business to the next level

Server Move

Tired of performance issues? Move to a new server now! Your shop will work on the existing infrastructure while we copy the information to the new server .

Product Import

Thousands of products imported into your shop promptly. Save time and concentrate on what matters the most while our instruments do the job!

Upgrade your PRESTAshop

Beat your competitors with our fast, secure upgrade service. Our upgrades include ALL the features needed to compete in your product vertical including best in class visitor experience.

Pagespeed Otimization

We guarantee a minimum 85% Google PageSpeed for both mobile and desktop.
For PrestaShop, Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, proprietary and really any eCommerce platform.


Everyone need a hero who can provide modern access to our whole team of eCommerce experts. We assist businesses of all sizes, from startups to huge corporations, in expanding their operations.


Just some of the eCommerce Services we rock at

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We’ll get back to you within 24 hours of receiving your inquiry.


Step 2

You’ll get access to your own project portal, which will allow you and your team to examine our work in detail and communicate with the rest of the team swiftly.


Step 3

If you have a complex request, we will perform the adjustments on a development version of your site first. The working time is calculated based on your requirements.


Step 4

We’ll make sure that all of the necessary tests and enhancements are implemented on the development site. When we duplicate the improvements, we want to prevent any problems.


Step 5

Once everything has been thoroughly tested, we’ll copy the modifications to the live site and re-test everything to ensure that everything is working correctly.


Client Success

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Businesses guided

Years experience

Why choose the heroes We revolutionize businesses via design and digital innovation.

We are full-spectrum service providers

Do you require prompt, responsible assistance for your business? Want quick results while lowering IT expenditures and reducing admin time? The PrestaHeroes ticketing interface provides you with a detailed picture of your project’s status. PrestaHeroes offers small and large clients from all around the world complete one-stop PrestaShop assistance. Consider outsourcing to the United States! Heroic Business Solutions is a company based in the United States with employees from all over the world.

Switch to PrestaShop to get the best platform for your business.

Take your online business to the next level by choosing a fast, secure and infinitely customizable e-commerce platform: Prestashop.
Constantly evolving and already having an extensive list of modules offering additional functionality, PrestaShop can easily replace any platform you are currently using.

Get the cutting-edge shop you've always wanted!

Allow PrestaHeroes to take your company to the next level.
Request a free quote to be invited to your project so that we can review your shop with you and deliver an accurate flat rate one price quote.

We can provide high-end solutions rapidly, saving time and money, thanks to our team of eleven highly experienced PrestaHeroes.

Speed Up Your Website and Improve Conversion

Is your website taking too long to load? If hosted on a correctly configured server, a PrestaShop store should load in less than 3 seconds.
Our Page Speed Optimization Service will keep you from losing customers due to a slow-loading website by reducing the amount of time they spend on your site from the time they first visit it until they pay for it.

Find a better and more reliable server

PrestaHeroes assists you in choosing hosting, fine-tuning that hosting for your PrestaShop, migrating all files and databases, testing, and deploying to production with no downtime. Keep in mind that if your PrestaShop version is outdated, so is your hosting.

Stay ahead of the competition with our game-changing modules

Just as the online market is constantly evolving, so our team is constantly working on new modules. If you have an idea for enhancements and functionality beyond the standard version of PrestaShop, it’s highly likely that someone on the Prestaheroes team has considered it or is working on a module that will provide you with that capability in the near future.