Migration Services

Switch to Prestashop

Prestashop is a quick, secure, and infinitely configurable e-commerce platform that can help you take your online business to the next level.

PrestaShop, which is constantly expanding and already has a large number of modules that add functionality, can simply replace whatever platform you are now using.

Transfer all your data

PrestaShop is becoming the e-commerce platform of choice for an increasing number of enterprises of all kinds. It’s the right time to convert to PrestaShop, with endless customization choices, over 500 features “out of the box,” and an ever-growing community of developers constantly releasing new modules and advancements. The best aspect is that you’ll have continuous uptime, first on the existing site while we finish the migration, then on the new store when we’re ready to go live, ensuring that you don’t lose any orders.

The best aspect is that you won’t have to start from zero with your store. We’ll assist you in migrating all of your data from your prior web store so you can start using PrestaShop as soon as feasible.

Magento, WooCommerce, ZenCart, OSCommerce, Shopify, Opencart, and a slew of other popular e-commerce systems are all supported. Also, if you have a custom-built store that isn’t holding up, send us the information and we’ll conduct an audit to provide a cost estimate and help you transition to the “light side.”

When it comes to performance, every hundredth of a second matters. PrestaShop is great for a fast-loading website with easy customer navigation.

While advanced options are available, day-to-day management of the online store is simple and quick, requiring just a basic understanding of computers. This frees up your time to focus on growing your business and providing excellent customer service.

This aspect cannot be overstated; your business can become a perfect match for the things you sell. Why settle for standard templates when you can have a website that perfectly represents your company’s core values? We know you appreciate individuality, so why settle for standard templates when you can have a website that properly communicates your company’s core values?

Take a peek at the official forums to see how many modules and enhancements are added to this platform every day.

How much does it cost?

The cost of migration is determined by a number of factors. You must inform us of the platform from which you are switching, as well as the quantity of items, customers, and orders that must be moved. Based on this, as well as any additional information you require moved, a quotation will be offered.

Migrate your shop safely with PrestaHeroes

We take care of everything, you just sit back and relax.

What is migrated

Product information – including descriptions,  images, features, attribute and prices

Customers – along with their addresses, contact details as well as customer groups.


Categories – along with associations, images and descriptions

Orders – All orders until the moment when we start the transfer will be ported over to PrestaShop along with their statuses

Taxes – your taxes and tax rules will can also be transferred to the new shop

Manufacturers – including images