Product Feed Import

Thousands of products imported into your shop promptly.

Managing your catalog might be one of the most difficult tasks for shop owners. We combine solutions to save the time it takes to manage your product catalog by 80%. So you can focus on building your business, we examine your catalog and propose and implement a plan.

Experts in product vertical management.

We are data feed specialists, and we can automate catalog updates from a variety of feeds. With our sophisticated catalog management tools, you may exponentially increase your product vertical.

Request the feeds from your supplier or distributor. Send us the information along with a link to your online store. We’ll make a clone of your site on our test server and start working there.

We’ll perform and test the feeds on the site’s dev copy while you focus on your business, as usual, without affecting the functioning of your live shop.

When everything is finished and thoroughly tested, the feed will be installed on your live site, and we will begin importing the data from your source.

We will give over the project when the preceding processes have been completed and rigorous testing has been completed, and you will be able to enjoy the full range of your inventory.

Pick the best team for the work!

With a wealth of knowledge gathered over time, we can take over this aspect and massively increase the number of products in your catalogue. More items provide more choices for your customers, who are less inclined to search elsewhere.

More items provide more alternatives for your customers, which means they’ll be less likely to search elsewhere. More items bring in more keywords and visitors to your website, which leads to more sales. A thorough catalogue helps raise your company’s profile as well.

Furthermore, connecting the product stream to your store may arrange automatic updates for new goods, availability, stock, and pricing. We realize how valuable your time is, and we feel that rather than continually updating your product catalogue, it is preferable to advertise your company or simply sit down and take a day off.

Thousands of products are quickly imported into your store.

We take care of everything, you just sit back and relax.

Are you a distributor or supplier? We can prepare a feed for you.

After putting your items on the storefront, a product feed may greatly increase their visibility throughout the world. As previously stated, the prospect of manually integrating product data might be discouraging.

Regardless of how much they appreciate your items or how well they get along with you and your personnel, this may cause the store owner to seek an easier alternative elsewhere.

We can help you overcome this barrier by providing a product stream via which online merchants may get fast access to all of your catalog and product data. All you have to do is keep the data current, and it will be updated automatically at the conclusion of your partners’ contracts.

Save time and focus on what’s important to you while our instruments take care of the rest!

How much does it cost?

The cost of applying a feed is determined by a number of factors. Because there is no standard format to which suppliers and wholesalers must adhere when supplying product data via a feed, each case necessitates the development of a bespoke solution.

Many companies give diverse feeds comprising combinations of items and even personalisation data, however, others just supply the most basic data. Regardless of the difficulty, we are convinced that our abilities will be put to good use.

To offer an accurate price, we’ll require a reference or sample of the feed you wish to import, as well as information about your shop’s product and category structure.