Server Move

Tired of performance issues? Move to a new server now!

Your shop will work on the existing infrastructure while we copy the information to the new server and you can keep selling. We offer a 100% reliable process of moving your store.

With hundreds of projects, we have worked on every conceivable hosting out there. They were all tuned (if tuned at all) for a blog.

We are experts in recommending the best hosting solution to run your eCommerce business.

Tuning an eCommerce platform is costly, our affordable hosting upgrades will provide immediate results with tuned MySQL engine, memory, PHP FPM, backups, the entire enchilada.

Only an experience eCommerce company can tune your hosting to meet the demanding needs required to significantly increase your shops performance.

We rule the pool when it comes to client hosting.

We are actively moving clients to ‘affordable’ dedicated hosting with nVME SSD. Rocking fast and now affordable!

When should you move to a new hosting provider?

While your hosting provider may be ideal for a basic blog or a static product display website, an online shop necessitates particularly specialized resources in order to function successfully. PrestaShop is a fantastic and lightning-fast e-commerce platform, and it would be a tragedy if it were slowed down by poor infrastructure.

If you notice that your site’s speed isn’t up to standard, you can be sure that your visitors will as well, and they will most likely leave if the site’s performance moves from “noticeably sluggish” to “frustrating.” That, in our opinion, is a razor-thin line that should be avoided at all costs.

The first step after receiving access information is to build a backup of your complete PrestaShop site.

The data is migrated to the new hosting provider in its entirety. This is considerably more complicated than simply transferring the files, but don’t worry, we’ll handle everything.

We’ll make all the adjustments and performance modifications necessary to take advantage of the new infrastructure once the website is on the new server.

We will give over the project when the preceding processes have been completed and rigorous testing has been completed, and you will be able to enjoy the increased performance.

Why choose us for the job

We’ve established a highly effective method for migrating PrestaShop stores to new and better servers, with over 200 server migrations each year. Simply give us the green light and sit back while we take care of the rest.

We have the knowledge and know-how to prevent frequent pitfalls and make the transfer easy, having developed or migrated thousands of PrestaShop stores over the years:

Move to a new hosting company safely with PrestaHeroes

We take care of everything, you just sit back and relax.

What is Guaranteed

No Downtime – Your shop will work on the existing infrastructure while we copy the information to the new server and you can keep selling.

Keep all data – All the data will be transferred in its entirety: the database, product, customer and order information.

Great Performance – Once the transfer is complete you and your customers can enjoy increased performance enabled by the new hosting.

Tweaks and adjustments – We are ready to make all the tweaks and adjustments in order for the shop to take advantage of the new servers.