Visitor Shipping Assurance Module

Provides logged and non-logged visitors that your shop delivers to their country. Provides Deliver To selection of all countries you ship to.

Support: 12 Months Free
Compatibility: PS 1.5.x 1.6.x 1.7.x, tb
Languages: EN

Price: 129,99€

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Visitor Shipping Assurance Module

What this product does for you

Let͛s visitors know immediately that you deliver to their country.

Reduces bounce rate and cart abandonment as visitors can enter purchase process with perfect assurance you deliver to them.

Just as important for a shop selling in a single county as it is for international shops.

What your customers will like

Provide immediate assurance that you deliver to their country.

Customers (logged and non-logged) now can confidentially shop and enter cart process with knowledge that you deliver to their country.

Removes all doubt to your visitors that your shop delivers to their country

Displays Key Visitor Shipping Assurance to logged and non-logged visitors

Module displays Deliver To: (country) and 100% compatible with Geo Location, i.e. display visitors actual country in Deliver To: country.

Enable the built-in language and currency selectors to consolidate visitor preferences.

Visitors can select other country for delivery.

Take a look at the demo

The demo does not allow updating and is provided to show configuration options and FAQ.