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US Centric eCommerce

We are a US PrestaShop agency serving both the US and UK but shops across the globe.

Over the years we have built a core team of highly experienced eCommerce team working with US companies.

We specialize in migrations from legacy private systems to PrestaShop.

As a full service agency we have the technical and marketing expertise all under one umbrella.

We measure success by not having a fail rate.

eCommerce Performance

Get an eCommerce performance forensics report by PrestaHeroes.  We have years of experience tuning hosting and eCommerce platforms.  Update for 2021:  We are excited to be providing dedicated hosting solutions with NVMe SSD at affordable prices and great results.

E-commerce Migration

We are famous for client migrations with proven process to ensure your catalog is migrated to take full advantage of your new eCommerce platform.  Then all that other stuff, customers infos, orders and even passwords.  We measure success by not having a fail rate.

Afraid of being hacked? Already hacked?

We take security seriously, we will do full site deep forensics including deep file system safety…  Our PrestaVault module to alert of system file changes and allows restore show our commitment to leadership ion protecting your business.

eCommerce Development

We are way beyond just certified eCommerce developers but also have many innovative eCommerce solutions across many spectrums on the eCommerce stack.  We are developers at heart and provide best in class features required for our client shops to compete organically.  Following best practices to deliver your development project on time in budget.

eCommerce SEO

We provide exceptional ‘technical SEO’ and have the team to actually implement them into your eCommerce platform.  No need for an idea agency and technical agency to implement the organic solutions.

We know how to read the tea leaves of your product vertical to ensure your campaigns are successful.

Customer Reviews


The entire team is VERY professional, super responsive and very easy to work with. They will respond instantaneously to your questions and requests but will not bother you. I had an amazingly awesome experience working with them on my upgrade and would highly, highly, highly recommend them to everyone (except my competitors!)

Kendall Pond


They made an amazing job for our website. I got the website I have always wanted. After their work was finished, our website was exactly as I always wished that our site would be. So I could not be more pleased!

Mikael Högström


PrestaShop Upgrade Including Spectacular Responsive Theme

Google Page Speed Optimization

Hi – I really recomend Prestaheroes – for me they saved the day when my prestashop 1.6 was timing out and slow due to a terrible server and a programming guy who took months to fix anything. In 3 days all my bugs are fixed, the site running fast as they changed my server ( without the shop being offline at all) and I have happy customers instead of complaining customers. I cant believe Prestaheroes work so fast and have such good comunication. Thankyou Fred – youre my Heroe!!

Sandra Heath

Would like to emphasize the outstanding support of prestaheroes on their module for back office performance. They really helped me out of an unbearable situation. Definitely recommend them.

Joan C

Thank you guys, for fixing my issue in such a jiffy – your kindness and expertise is truly appreciated! 🙂 You will be my first port of call the next time I have a problem. I highly recommend PrestaHeroes because they are truly the heroes that you need when you’re panicking and stumped because your shop just doesn’t want to work, no matter what you try! You won’t be sorry….


First quality attention !!! They found out what the problem was and they guided me in a very professional way to the solution.
To recommend and continue working with them.



Prestashop Technical Support & Bug Fixing



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First Contact

We will contact you within 24 hours after you have sent us your request.

Discussion & Planning

You will have access to your own project platform, so you and your team can see our work exactly and collaborate quickly with the whole team.
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If you need a complicated request, we will initially make the changes on a dev version of your site. The working time is estimated based on what is your demand.


We will make sure that all the required tests and improvements are rolled on the dev site. We want to avoid any issues, when we copy the improvements.


Once all is tested, we’re going to copy the changes to the live site, and we’re going to re-test everything just to make sure everything works properly.


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Mon. – Fri. 10:00 – 18:00

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